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Open VPN is Blazing Well With Etisalat Network

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Hi, dear lovely viewers and happy second Sunday of the year 2014.
Am sure most of us really enjoyed Etisalat Bis that was leaked to non bb users few weeks ago, unfortunately the tweak stopped working while a lot of people are still disturbing me about another Etisalat tweak due to the stability of Etisalat Network in most areas. Here is another Etisalat blazing tweak for PC users.
The tweak was tested for complete three days before the post was made because I don't want any fuck up this time around.
It involves little cash as usual, but honestly the tweak is blazing well, tested & confirmed working. No Megabytes whatsoever and No BIS wahala. Just follow the steps below to enjoying unlimited browsing and downloading on your PC. 

Connect your Modem using Etisalat SIM Card #0.0k
  • Configuration Name: Etisalat
    Apn: etisalat
Download and extract the below package to a new folder on your Desktop background
Download ETISALAT setup WITH OpenVPN…on

1. Visit ICT-VPN Official website: to obtain a User name and Password. 2. Installed "OPenVPN-2.2.2" that is in that folder, the way you normally install other software on your PC. 3. Right-click on OpenVPN you installed and run it as "Run as administrator" 4. Locate Openvpn on the tray icon and right click on Openvpn in the Tray icon and select "Proxy Settings"
5. Then, tick "Manual Configuration"
  • HTTP Proxy
  • Address:         Port:  9201
Finally, click OK.

Reopen the folder you extract the package to;
1. Right and copy "tweakwarevpn_tcp_uk".

2_Double_Click on your C drive "C:\" and locate "Program Files". 3. Double Click on Program Files and locate "OpenVPN" 4. Double click on OPenVPN and Locate "Config" 5. Paste "tweakwarevpn_tcp_uk" inside "Config" folder. Finished NEXT: How to Connect OPenVPN and FilterProxy Lite to Start Browsing 1. Open the folder you extract those files to, Double-click on "FilterProxy Lite". Make sure you leave it open or minimize it to your system Tray.
2. You have already "Run OpenVPN as administrator", right click on OpenVPN in the Tray Icon and select "Connect"
3. Insert the Username and Password you obtained at to Connect.
4. Wait till the Icon turned to Green and you are good to enjoying browsing and unlimited downloading.
5. Open any browser on your PC and Feel the speed...

Important Notice: You will not be able to start browsing free immediately until you Upgrade your Account to Premium.
You can simply upgrade your account to Premium via with just N500 or $3 via Perfect Money and start Flexing on your PC.
Am using it for almost 3 days now, infact is the one i used to made this post, OpenVPN with ICT VPN is working great on my PC. 

Feel free to share/like this post and am here to give you quick response when you faced any difficult during the configuration.

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