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Universal way on how to browse for free in any country in the world

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There are so may ways to browse the internet free. So many tricks and configuration of different types that it would be almost impossible for you not to get a free internet connection. Below is the part1 post on how to browse the web free, no need to go and buy any ebook on free browsing because with the little knowledge below, you can get what you want. Those tricks below works on airtel, Docomo, etisalat, Bsnl, aircel, orange, safaricom, Du and virtually on all networks. Before we proceed, they are some terms you need to know.

 HOST: A host is a free website of a network provider or ISP (Internet Service Provider) in which you can access or browse on for free at zero balance. Some hosts of our ISP's are their home pages like,, etc and they open or can be browsed upon with zero data subscription. You can also check some links sent to you from ISP advertising some products, most of these links are free to access.

PORTS:  A port is a medium or portal in which information is sent to and fro between your computer and other networks. We need ports to browse the web and to also browse free, we need open ports. Lets take a house as an example. To get access into a house, we would need the doors and windows, and so when the owner of the house shut the doors and the windows, we can not access the house unless we look for another door or window that is open and so is a port. The doors and windows in this scenario are the ports, once our Internet Service Provider (ISP) closes them, we cant have access to free internet unless we look for other ports on our ISP that are open.

  •  UDP Ports: They are very fast and if they are open on a network, they can be browsed on directly for free i.e you can scan for open ports on droid vpn and if theres is any, you can use those ports to browse for free. examples of such ports are 53, 9201, 9200 etc
  • TCP Ports: They are fast but when compared to UDP, they are abit slow. Now TCP ports shouldnt be seen as ineffective because of its comparison with UDP ports. Now to get free internet on aTCP ports, we use this simple format: Host + open ports + working proxy = Free internet.
 I know by now some of you guys who are not familiar with these would be confused but dont worry because i would be dropping the full details on getting free internet soon.

PROXY:   Now before i explain what a proxy is, you would also want to know what an IP is.
 An IP is an address attached to every computer. So when we use the computer to browse the web, any body can use our IP to our details like our location, country, the device that we are using tom browse on na d so many other things. Now a Proxy is also an IP but it becomes a proxy when we use it to hide our real IP address.
1. Host Method:
 This is an old trick and though my ISP have discovered and blocked it but its still worth a try on other ISP.
  As  i said earlier, a host is a free web page site of our ISP which you can browse or access for free with zero credit balance. To use this method, get any freesite and try the below procedures (i would be using as a free site)

  •  Host.anysite; In this method, you would input your freesite in the url bar of your browser followed by dot(.) and then you can input anysite after to browse upon and you ISP would think that you are browsing on the freesite while you are actually browse on another site for free. example of such; and below are similar tricks too
  • Host/anysite;
  • Host@anysite;
2.  Freesite + open ports + proxy method: 
 This is one of the best part when it comes to free browsing because ic IP, youn would be able to browse unlimitedly and your data wont be capped. The best part of this trick is that you can use that same IP to browse free even for years because those ones are not easily blocked by our ISP.
  • Trick 1; Go to and get a working proxy with green bars, select those on port 80 or 8080 and configure configure your device with the ip and use your default browser to browse. Your free page must be your home page.
  • Trick 2; This trick involves port scanning on the free web page (host) to make use of open ports to bypass our ISP firewall. This section is widely discussed below so scroll down to get the details.
    3. Tunneling method:
      This  method is the best of all and it works well if you if you follow my procedures right. This method involves apps that tunnels our connection to bypass our ISP firewall and gain free internet. 
     Some of these tunneler apps needs open ports onyour internet connection and through it, thry can bypass our ISP fireawll to gain free internet. Now lets look at the procedures on how to get open ports on our internet connection. 
       Port scanner: 
     Like i said before, the internet can be seen as a house while our ISP can be seen as the caretaker to the house and the doors and windows to the house can be seen as the ports. Now if our ISP(caretaker) closes the doors and windows(ports) to the house(internet), we  wont be able to access the house(internet) unless we look for other doors or windows(ports) that are open to which our ISP doesn't know about. Now port scanners are used for just that, they are used  to scan for open ports on our free web sites/ Hosts.  
      PC users: PC users should download the port scanner through any of the links and please note that each link contains a different port scanner.( The below apps are different and their names are not port scanners! i recommend the ones below)
    Android users: This  port scanning app scans for open ports, ssl scan, ping on ipv4, tcp and lot more. You dont need any data subscription for it to work because it works on zero credit balance, but your data connection must be on.
     Click here to download app for scanning  port, download and open the app. you would see a space and in the space you would see "Enter host name or ip", now type your freesite that you use for accessing the internet without data subcription. Remember not to type https:\\,www or http:\\ along with the web address. Now click on portr range and input the following;
    First port: 50
    Last port; 9000
    Time out: 2000
    Show only open ports: tick it
    Now press ok and when the app starts scanning , you would see some broken lines on your screen moving to your right. Scanning of ports usually takes 3-6mins but you can leave it to scan for open portsto the maximum so as not to miss out on any udp or tcp ports.
     I remember some time ago this year, download was a was freepage on my network and so to bypass it, i scanned for open ports and i got this; 53, 80, 110, 143, 443, 465, 589, 993, 995, 2077 blah blah blah and believe me, those that knew really made a good job of it.

     Tunnelling apps for free internet:

    • Hex vpn: It is a very powerful tunneling app and with it, you can easily bypass your ISP restriction and easily create a loophole on their firewall. Now with these all set and done, i guess its time for a payback on your ISP! and please don't get it wrong, the name of this app is not Hex vpn i just gave it that name.  Android and Pc users should click here to download it
    • Droid vpn: This app shouldn't sound new to your ears because i believe most of you know it when it comes to free browsing. Droid vpn can be used for several purposes such as bypassing internet filtering, opening blocked sites, compression of data on android device for those who are using data subscription. Those who wants to browse for free can also use the app to scan any open udp port and start surfing for free, but when it doesn't dictates any pen ports on your connection , that is when you have to configure it manually to browse free because they are so many ways to make it  browse for free. Always remember to use this app with zero credit balance on your sim if you want to use it to browse free. The link to the full tutorial on how to use droid vpn to gain free internet is just below. Click here to download Droid vpn .   Click here to get the full tutorial on how to use Droid vpn to bypass ISP firewall to gain free internet!

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