Thursday, March 10, 2016

Airtel Introduces Airtel SMART NUMBER Service

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+ One Sim, 2 Numbers, Same Phone

Now, Everyone can separate their personal life from their professional and social life!
Smart Number service allows everyone to own and use one additional number on their existing Airtel SIM card –
You don’t need another SIM card or dual-SIM! The smart number is mapped to the primary mobile line. When people call the Smart Number, it will ring on the primary line. When your Smart Number rings, it will show that the call is from the Smart Number.
Users of the service will be expected to Register their Smart numbers for SIM registration at any Airtel outlet or Agents Nationwide within 48 hours of subscribing to the service.
Manage My Smart Number


Brand Image
Project a professional image without a switch board with a dedicated for business calls without carrying 2 phones

Low Cost
No investment required. System can be up and running in no time

Businesses Owners can separate working hours from none working hours and manage call they do not wish to receive

Operational Agility
Calls can be initiated/received via the smart number irrespective of physical location.

Data Storage
Back up access for all SMS received provided access to critical data when needed

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